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Virtual Walk - Large Pond

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Large Pond

Leaving the Playhut, to the right of the path we pass the raised beds, a dry area planted with Mediterranean species such as myrtle, lavender, sage, catmint, artemesia and various grasses.

To the left is a willow area one of our dog-free zones. It is disappointing that some of the willow sculptures planted in this space need further attention. However, we hope that they will establish over the years to allow young children to explore nature through the tunnels and spirals of the sculptures.

Following on, the path forks with a ramp/steps leading onto the canal towpath. On this canalside the soil has been newly conditioned before the planting of evergreen shrubs such as pittosporum, choisya, viburnum and photinia.

We carry straight on along the path to the large pond. This is a well-used resource for local ecology students, from primary level up! During the year, plant beds were enlarged to the fence line. Some existing shrubs were removed and some dogwood thinned out and herbaceous planting of gunnera, hosta and sedge was carried out. Pond clearing is a popular job with volunteers, who enjoy putting on the waders and getting waist deep into the pond. Thanks to their help we can regularly free the pond from algae, weeds, litter, shopping trolleys and other debris.

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